Storm Damage Cleanup Portland – (503) 451-6464 – Hail Damage, Roof Repair


3Cleaning up after a major storm is an arduous task. There is debris everywhere and repairs that need made. There may even be some replacement that is needed throughout the property. Portland Restoration is here to help you anywhere in the Portland area. Our professional team will help you through the entire cleanup process. We will handle every detail for you from cleaning up all of the debris left behind by the storm to restoring the property to its original orderly state. We will also inspect the property to identify any necessary repairs that will be needed. Call us today at (503) 451-6464, or fill out our online request form below.

After consulting with you about the necessary repairs, we will complete the repairs for you in a timely manner to ensure that you have your home back in pre-storm condition in as little time as possible. Roof damage can be the worst, and cause water damage as well.

Following the initial repair of any damage, our team will also be sure to clean up any additional mess left behind from the process. When we leave your property, it will be almost as though the storm never happened. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that a highly skilled team of professionals has thoroughly searched your property for any potential hazard and repaired the ones that they found, making your home safe and sound once more. Billing will be handled by our office and your insurance company. We bill the insurance company for you. This will allow you more time to handle the more important parts of your life, like family and work.


Call Portland Restoration today at (503) 451-6464, or fill out our online request form.