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The air quality within your home is important to your health and the health of your family members. Mold can be a very serious detriment to the air quality in your home. Call Portland Restoration today and one of our technicians will come out to your property and inspect it for you. Any time that your home is exposed to moisture, whether it is a prolonged period of time or a very short period of time, you run the risk of developing a mold problem. While there are some forms of mold that are not toxic, even those non-toxic variations can cause serious health problems.

4The groups of people that are most susceptible to these types of mold are the very young, the elderly and those who have existing respiratory problems. The non-toxic variations of mold may not be as big of a threat to your family’s health, but those areas that are affected by the non-toxic mold can easily develop a toxic strain as well. It is important to have mold issues inspected by a professional immediately upon their discovery.

A professional can properly treat any mold present within your home. Our team of professionals at Portland Restoration are well trained and experienced in every step of the process from finding the mold affected surfaces and to properly remove and repair the surfaces and prevention of future growth. With our emergency services available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, we are a simple phone call away from being there to assist you. We do offer many convenient services, including direct insurance billing. All of this is offered to you as our way of taking the stress off of you, so you can continue on with your life with as little interruption as possible.


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