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5The damage caused by even a small fire within your home is extensive, which is why you should call Portland Restoration in the Portland area. While a fire may not completely damage all parts of your home, it does effect just about everything within the home at the time of the fire. The smoke smell left behind on surfaces that were not burned is proof of how big of a task the cleanup will be.

Our experienced team at Portland Restoration will take on the task for you, cleaning up everything from removal of items and parts of the structure that are deemed a complete loss, to removing the smoke smell from the walls of the rooms at the opposite end of the house. There are many other tasks that are sometimes overlooked that our professionals will tend to, including inspection of the electrical components for fire and water damage, to checking the home for areas that may be of concern for developing mold.

They will treat the problems identified and make the repairs that are necessary to get you and your family back into your home as soon as possible. Our direct insurance billing service can also come as a relief to some. We will send our bill directly to your insurance company so that you do not have to spend time being the middle man for any negotiations or payments. You will also not be responsible for being the “bank” while waiting for the insurance company to write the check because we will be dealing with them directly.

Board Up Services

We understand the need of boarding up a building, and hence we provide board up services. Usage of board up services makes sure that the building is safe and reliable, and prevents more damage and loss. The utilization of such board up services not only are essential and beneficial, but also they lead to a lot of savings related to the building’s maintenance.

Quick reaction to emergencies is very important, as they always take place unannounced. Keeping this in mind, Portland Restoration is operational and a call away at all hours of day and night. We dispatch our technical teams within moments of receiving such a call, and can be at your property in an hour or less.


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